Chapter 1: Fortnite

I did not have a misspent youth.

I had an extremely nerdy youth. Complete with braces, over-plucked brows, and a hell of a lot of NCEA Excellences, thanks very much *flips hair*

It was like, super crazy.

When I was about 12, I entered the Pokémon Card Tournament at Armageddon (the less-cool New Zealand version of Comic-Con) – and you better believe your girl came second *flips hair again*

Now I don’t admit say this to intimidate you with how much of a cool jock I was as a kid, but to say: I love geeky stuff*. I just do.

When my husband and I were in the UK in 2014, we made sure we went to Cardiff Bay in Wales just to go to the Dr Who Experience interactive museum. And. It. Was. Awesome.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

But somewhere in between watching Dragonball Z on the regular and learning how to fill in my brows, I just stopped doing as much Geeky Kate stuff.

Well. Until now.

Enter: Fortnite

You may of heard of it.

This free-to-play game has 125 million players worldwide, and its revenue just topped $1billion in May.

But you may know it more fondly as the game that periodically kidnaps your child/boyf/husband/girlfriend(#heforshe)/nan.

Or perhaps it’s the game you Taken yourself with and play. And if it is, can I just say … please don’t dance on me. For real. It’s super demoralising.

Noob life

Until this weekend I had never played Fortnite.

Which I realise is hardly trekking the Inca Trail in terms of a bucket list item, but if that’s what you were expecting friend, you’re on the wrong blog.

It seems to me that Fortnite is a mashup of The Hunger Games and Halo. And the basic aim is not dying. Which I was terrible at (RIP ME).

By some miracle I was top 20 for my first game, but I think that’s just because I was hiding in the woods panicking for most of it. Coincidentally, the same tactic I use in paintball, but that’s a story for another day.

Some 20 games later and I’m still not that great – but I did manage to take out one other person worse than me (I was going to say “my first kill”, but it sounded way too dark a developmental milestone).

And they were literally just standing alone in a field.




Even I couldn’t miss. Or more likely, push B and start building, then try and switch back to my gun by pushing Y and end up with a knife (axe) at a gun fight. While crouching. Because I can’t stop crouching.

Just as a hypothetical scenario that definitely didn’t happen to me multiple times.

Kate Rates – Fortnite:

Fortnite is hard. Much harder than that dude Ninja and your 11 year old cousin makes it out to be …

But I loved going full gamer geek.

For me, geeking out about stuff is just embracing what you’re passionate about. Not worrying if it’s “cool”, or what other people will think. It’s just you doing you, and unashamedly loving it.

So for that reason, I’m giving Fortnite a 7/10.

It was also a really nice thing to do with Taka, who Luke Skywalkered me on how to play, and for some reason wasn’t at all upset that I wanted to stay in and play XBox instead of going fruit and vege shopping at the market … which is weird.

What are you a secret geek over? Share the love.

Kate x

*SOME geeky stuff. If you’re smart cookie with some tech crunch, you will know by glancing at this site – which took me a million years to try and work out – that it is B A S I C as hell. If you try and talk coding to me I may cry. But we can for sure chat about how Firefly needed a second season.

**Also, I mean geeky 100% as a term of an endearment. Geeks are my people. LEEEROY JENKINS!! (YouTube it)

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