Chapter 14: Lime Scooters

Today was excellent.

The sun was shining. I got to SLEEP IN. Not because my one year old was zzz-chillin’ til 9am. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! No. Definitely not because of that.

But because I’m on summer holiday break with my main man Taka, and he got up with little Z when he decided to take on the day at 6am.

… After being up every two hours last night …

Teething is low-key hell, guys.

And molars are in their own special circle of it.

But anyway, I GOT TO SLEEP IN! And it was majestic. And glorious. And REAL GOOD.

And when I got up, Taka went and got us coffees.


It was best case scenarios all round.

And then, it got BETTER.

Because it was date day.

Date Day

I’d organised for Taka’s parents to take Lil Z for the afternoon, so we could go and see Aquaman.

Side note: Taka has an uncanny resemblance to Jason Momoa, and I am not mad about it.

Exhibit A

Side note deuce: our kid is insanely cute. Fact. Also. Lucky. Because the zero sleep he gives me is no joke.

Side note thrice: did anyone else get strong Hamlet vibes in the Avengers‘ trailer when Tony Stark was talking to his helmet/skull?

… You can take the girl out of the English lecture, but you can’t take the English degree outta the girl …

Anyway, on this beautiful day, we went and sat in the dark to watch a true spectacle of a movie.

It honestly had it all going on.

There was Tron music, Indian Jones style adventures, a Pirates of the Caribbean cracken, Star Wars vibes, beautiful glow in the dark Avatar post-production scenery, a Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and a very Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria monster swarm …

All in all, a kinda silly full-on adventure flick, and I really liked Amber Heard’s red hair and all the New Zealand references (“I was going to cook you some eggs,” from Temuera Morrison was everything).

Just a good, fun time.

And then it got even better.

Cause I got to go on a Lime Scooter.

They see me rollin, hatin

The city I live in recently got Lime Scooters, a pay to play motorised funmobile that you can book out using an app and your credit card.

Basically, you just find them on a street corner, zoom off somewhere, and leave them – wherever – when you’re done.

And they’re

(They’ve had a bit of health and safety backlash with *cough* Baby Boomers injuring themselves on them, but guys … SO MUCH FUN!)

I’ve been wanting to try one for AGES, and today was finally my day.

After the movie we walked to the waterfront in Petone, and found one almost immediately. I downloaded the app, set my socks to rock, and hopped on.

I think my face was like this basically the entire time:

My internal monologue was a sick mashup of Time of my life and Rollin’ by Chamillionaire.

For $4.60 for 11mins of zoomin around, they are the absolute definition of cheap thrills.

The next time I’m feeling down or having a bit of an off day, these scooters are going to the top of my “turn the beat around” self-help strategy list.

(Next to: exercise, lol at Parks and Rec memes on Pinterest, put on some worship music, chat it out with a pal, have a dance party for one to my fave jam, do something nice for someone else, drink coffee, stop thinking and do a task, and have a shower. Whoa, free self-care advice, where did that come from?!)

Lime scooters: 10/10 would recommend.

Have you been on one yet? What did you think of Aquaman?! What do you do to break yourself out of a downward spiral?

Kate x

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