Chapter 30: The Last Dance

We made it, guys!

We’re at Chapter 30, and only four months late.

What an absolute metaphor for my psyche: a little over-enthusiastic and optimistic, but eventually – full of stubbornness and pride – she gets the job done.

So long, and thanks for all the fish

For my final post (in this series, at least) I thought I’d pay homage to this whole blogging journey.

I thought I’d talk about how it forced me out of my comfort zone and headlong towards my dreams, and inspired me to (finally!) deal with things like my anxiety – which to be honest, has been completely life-altering.

About the profound difference this blog has made on my life, and how truly thankful I am for everyone who’s taken the time to read these posts.

And also, if anyone could guess what my favourite post has been?

It’s one of the least read on this site.

… Chapter 4: Paintball!

If that was your pick, you’re clearly a genius and we should be best friends.

The final countdown

Well, that how I planned on ending this series, anyway.

And then I thought …

Thirty Before Thirty deserve a finale.

The best kind of finale.


So …

Chapter 30: The Last Dance

For my final Thirty Before Thirty challenge, I threw it right back to the original Thursday –  Chapter 1: Fortnite – and I learnt Orange Justice, Hype and a half-assed version of Dance Therapy (in my humble opinion, the greatest of all Fornite dances).

I went full 14-year-old boy, and it was awesome.

But then I did something more magnificent.

For my sister-in-law’s Ariana Grande themed bachelorette party, the bridal party ladies made a full-blown music video to Thank u, next when we got back to our hotel, because clearly we’re nuts extra as hell.

You’re welcome.

Or, I’m sorry.

Kind of both.

Until we meet again (and Lord knows, we probably will. You know how your girl loves to write the lols) – thank u, next.

Kate x


One thought on “Chapter 30: The Last Dance”

  1. WHOOP WHOOP!!!! a fitting finale and I don’t know how but I must have missed the Paintball episode/post?!?
    Have just reread/read for the first time and it made me laugh because I remember those parties well and also recalled the one time I decided to join in and the excruciating pain of those damn welts.
    What a total boss you are xx


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