Chapter 24: Colourful Eye Makeup

I had a blog in 2011.

I know. What an early adopter.

It was called A Little Bit of Loveliness, and I have long since expunged its existence from the internet.

I can’t remember what I used to write about, but thanks to an old Facebook album (that I should definitely have deleted by now), I can tell you I very much used to like posting Harvey Dent style two-face makeovers.

Exhibit A:

Aw baby Kate with her long hair and tiny brows.
Not so tiny brows …

Eight years later and I’ve gone full circle, and am back writing a blog and painting my face and putting it on the internet.

Exhibit B: Yesterday’s gram

Still so damn extra …

But anyway, onto the topic of today’s post:

Colourful Eye Makeup

I never do colourful eyeshadow.

I am a vanilla, Naked palette wielding, basic white chick when it comes to my eyeshadow routine.

I don’t mind a lil somethin’ somethin’ bright on my cheeks or lips, but when it comes to my eyes I do precisely three things:

  1. Browns (the full spectrum from cream to dark brown)
  2. Golds
  3. Coppers.

And that it is it.

Exhibit C: Archetypal Kate makeup

Turn around, bright eyes

In the spirit of taking 30 by the proverbial balls horns and busting out of my comfort zone, I went sky-diving, hiked the Great Wall, learnt French tried bright eyeshadow today – and I actually bloody loved it.

Like any self-respecting Millennial, my first port of call was to scour Pinterest for #inspo.

Exhibit D: #Inspo

I have a super pigmented matte pink velvety lipstick from Tarte Cosmetics that I figured would do the trick, so I just used that as a base and blended with Retro (a matte salmony colour in Naked Reloaded) to get the Jackson Pollock face you see before you.


Fuelled on by my rule-breaking success, I then smouldered up the look with two of my most-hated makeup techniques (on me):

  1. A Smokey Eye
  2. Eyeliner in the waterline (I think it makes me look hella hoochi)

Fun fact: putting bright turquoise eyeshadow onto pink lipstick eyes makes purple!

And again, I loved it!

What. Is. Happening?!

Same blush, different day

Hands up if you do the same makeup look pretty much every day?


It’s easy to go full auto-pilot with your eyeliner and just do what you always do, because:

A. You know you like it

And B. Because repetition is the key to growth.

Meaning: you get better at something the more you do it – like running, making the perfect poached egg, or contouring the sweet heaven’s out of your jawline.

If you do the same makeup look every day, basic maths says you will get better at it, and you will get quicker at it.

Which makes sense.

But – it can mean you get stagnant and complacent with your makeup.

Which is fine. Until it isn’t. Which is generally when:

  1. You’ve been doing the same makeup look for a decade, and it’s no longer serving you. Ten years ago I didn’t touch my brows, and ten years before that I was putting Vaseline on my eyelashes like mascara/chic conjunctivitis.
  2. You don’t actually feel awesome anymore. Instead of using makeup as a way to accentuate your natural beauty and to help you feel confident and like a Grade A hottie, you’re just doing it out of routine. Girl, please. You are worth more than that!

Kate, help! I’m in a makeup rut!

Thats ok. It’s just makeup!

It’s a very easy fix, and has the wonderful transformative benefits of making you feel like a total fox.




So, what’s the fix?

As with anything, it depends on the person – but here’s what I’d do:

Hit up a makeup counter at the mall. Find a nice person who’s makeup you like, and ask them what they’d recommend for you. Then get them to try products on you, watch how they apply it, and ask questions.

YouTube it. YouTube is basically makeup tutorials and cat videos. Just search: makeup tutorial for #your demographics#. That’s how I learned how to paint my face.

Ask a friend who’s brows are always on fleek. They’ve probably been waiting for this moment for years!

And depending on whether you feel like a big change, or just adding a couple new techniques/tricks up your sleeve (like me filling in my brows), just do what feels right for you. It’s your face!

Have fun with it, and know that you will probably suck at applying your look for a little bit.

It’s the same for everyone, at everything. We’re all beginners, until we’re not.

You got this, babes.

Also, it kinda goes without saying, but if you don’t like or wear makeup, that’s totally cool too.

Do what makes you feel beautiful and confident, and don’t judge another woman for doing the same. Easy!

And also, #peopleskills.

Have a wonderful day, you glorious things!

Kate x